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Screening Management Solutions for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Your Solution for Background Checks and Drug Testing Services 

The name Fidelitec has its origins in two root words, “fidelity” and “technology.” In combining these two terms, we hope to capture the essence of how we do business. All background screening relies heavily on the use of technology, and we offer our clients access to the most up-to-date technology available. But the best background checks also require the human attributes of personal service and attention to detail. We refer to that as “fidelity” — a word that connotes promises met, faithfulness, accuracy and exactness.

An important part of our mission is to provide background screening services to not-for-profit organizations that care for children, the elderly and others that our vulnerable in our society at a DISCOUNTED RATE.  Whether you are hiring an employee or seeking to assign a volunteer, we will work with you to tailor a set of services that mitigate the unique risk factors of your organization.  Again, providing you are a legitimate IRS 501(c)3, we will do so at a substantially discounted rate.

Online System Features 

  • ScreenMeNow™ - The easiest way to initiate and request a background check and/or drug screen!  This is a Secure Applicant-Direct Portal.  As the employer, you select the background check services you need and the applicant securely enters their personal identifiers along with any requested information such as previous employers, academic degrees, driver's license, etc.  ScreenMeNow eliminates the time and cost of the employer entering the data while better protecting the applicant's privacy.  All FCRA authorizations, disclosures and state specific notifications are automated and captured in our system - paperless!
  • Multiple users management with optional access restrictions 
  • Wide array of status and performance reports
  • 24/7 secure, easy online access to your records
  • Complete integration with your existing ATS and HRIS